Too captivating to put down!

I’m at a crossroads where there’s a choice to make that will determine the next chapter of my life.

Before my sister left for college, I was a turtle.  Believe it or not. ;)  Somewhere in there that turtle became somewhat of a social butterfly.  Some weird evolution took place in my life when she left.  You see, my sister departed with more than her pillow and half of my clothes.  She took with her my shelter, my canopy, if you will.  I had a choice to make then, just like I do now.  Find something or someone new to continue hiding behind or take off the shell of insecurity and find out who I am.  Well, I choose the latter (obviously because I’m not exactly what you’d call a hermit now.)
Now, my beloved boyfriend has been called to a similar path. The road of education, enlightenment, and adulthood. A winding mountain road that will lead him to some of the greatest adventures of his lifetime along with some of the greatest lessons.  Although he’s not leaving me behind like I felt my sister did at the time, this situation is going to give me the chance to find out even more about myself, all on my own.  He’s going to prepare a way for me to follow him someday. Somewhat like what our Lord has done for us. But in the meantime, I must continue to challenge myself and prepare myself to be wife, mother, and esthetician. (In that order!) And I’ll seek the means to that end earnestly. (Help wanted! :)

It is my greatest joy to be waiting for my Love and waiting on him as much as I can from 407 miles away.
It is also my greatest joy to be waiting on my God for all my needs and desires.  And trusting that He will take care of both of us over the next four years and beyond.

It will take some work.  Learning differently.  Communicating differently.  And loving differently.
I’d call this chapter 3 of my life. Chapter one: Clueless. Chapter two: Awakening. Chapter three: Dependent Independence.
This is life. This is the life of a child sold out to her Creator. This is mine. This is ours. This is His.


End of July – I packed up all my belongings and moved out of the only home I’ve ever lived in to a 14×14 bedroom at a rental house.
Beginning of August – I started the last semester of my second vocational school.
End of August – I dropped the boyfriend off for a college size adventure and drove six hours in the opposite direction to finish my current plans in the valley.
Next endeavor: pass board exam!  And open my heart to God’s even more.

Ever read a story too captivating to put down? That’s my life at the moment. I’ll turn the page!

~All the love of a sparrow named Lilah~


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