so so sore. so so soak.

Well, after one week of P90X (which I’ve affectionately named Hell Week) I can honestly say that I . . . hurt.  BUT. I can already see some toning on my upper arms and stomach.  This is going to be so worth it in the end!

I have to confess to you all a handful of Cheetos and missing Kenpo X day.  But other than that I’d call Week 1 a success!

I picture this as a time of preparation.  Like Ester and the other women chosen to be prepared for King Xerses.  They spent two whole years basically soaking in perfume and adorning their bodies with beauty treatments!!  What a life!  So what my version doesn’t included being dragged away from her only family member or having to compete with a dozen other women to win the King’s heart. A girl can dream, can’t she? ;)

Besides, God might just have something as incredible as saving a nation prepared for me.
Let’s wait and see, eh!? And in the meantime, soak in perfume . . . and sweat.  Ew.

Peace. \o/

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