It’s a blustery Tuesday.

As I sit on my bed with a glass of warm milk and a peanut butter sandwich, I reflect on the day.

God showed Himself faithful in the simplest, yet most effective way today.  There’s nothing He doesn’t see or can’t handle.
And really, my faith and perseverance doesn’t do anything for Him.  It’s His job to be God. Holy. Love.  And it’s simply my job to recognize and remind myself of that.  And to bask and glory and immerse myself in that fact daily.  He answered a prayer today. But what I found astonishing was this: that this prayer was answered before I even knew I needed to pray for it.  I was waiting for something and the process that put it in my hands was in the works and began over a week ago.  I had no clue I was going to need to request such a thing. And God set the plan in motion far before I decided that I would need to inquire of Him.  He is timeless!  He knew I would pray for it and He knew that through that situation I would be given the opportunity to revel in Him and everything that makes Him so wonderful.

I love my God with all my heart.  He is my Savior who gave Himself up for me and He continues to fight for me daily.

So, I learned today: God has the means. All I have to do is have the faith and enjoy His vastness!

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