A day to never forget.

Oh freckles. What a day! It’s 12:22 in the morning and I’m still up.  I have school at 8am tomorrow and I am not blissfully asleep yet.

My day began with the normal routine.  Got up, read God’s word, made a yummy, fiberful breakfast, worked out, made a yummy, proteinful lunch, took a shower and got dressed for school.  That’s where my mundane day . . . ended.

I went to school and participated in our semi-annual Fantasy Competition, where teams are joined around one fanciful idea and are thrust into a creativity tunnel of glitz and glamour.  Including twisting soda cans in Jen’s hair and applying fake lashes to several of my fellow competitors model’s.  I applied makeup for our Lady GaGa look from her music video “Telephone” which, yes, I will refuse to watch if you ask.  My good friends the VanOstenbritzels came and supported me and cast their ballots for model #1, “Lady GaGa on Coke” (as in cola, as we affectionately called it.)  We won third place!

It was a free dress and so it was awesome to see the other students in something other than scrubs and lab coats.  In a way, I like the fact that we wear uniforms because it’s a little less intimidating for newer girls and takes away any physical views of one another, as to who is the fashion queen and who is frumpy.  It makes it a leveler playing field to get to know one another by personality and attitude, rather than Target vs. Juicy Couture.

As third place prize I got some new Biolage products.  That’s fun and will make my hair silky smooth.

Adam and Brett and I crashed at their house next.  We ate pizza, spaghetti, salad, chips, pretzels, and hot chocolate.  Hey, a diet’s only as fun as the breaks you take.  And what’s a late night without junk food?  I’ll burn it all off when I exercise tomorrow anyways.  Excuses, excuses. Tony Horton says “it ain’t no big thang!”

We recorded some videos and messed around on various types of media entertainment.  I love those boys.  And Lisa’s pretty cool for staying up late enough for our spaghetti noodles to be extra soft so Brett would eat them. ;)
We watched The Office and Taylor Swift’s new video for “Mine.” So cute! She has BABIES! It’s the cutest thing ever.

So I get in my car to drive home at about 11pm and I get half way home and begin to hear this thudding sound coming from the right side of my car.  Crap.  Blown tire.  I pull off to the side of the Feed Barn. Not panicking, not even shaking, yay!  I called Brett and asked if they would come wait with me.  Then I called AAA and told them my situation.  The boys came and we sat and talked for a half hour about future spouses, flattened coyotes, pea coats, and double double tattoos on Adam’s back.  Yeah.  If you want to do something awesome before you die, spend a late, random night with the VO boys, preferably on someone’s roof or around a firepit.  You’ll learn a lot of things about yourself . . . and Germany.

So, I get home and God decides to throw one more silly thing my way, just to add the cherry to the sundae.  AAA called to follow-up with me and make sure I was home.  It was a super nice lady who was very sweet.  But she sounded just like Stacy on Hannah Montana.  Dragging out her nasally words and all. :D

To many of you the events of this day are meaningless, and maybe even a bit ridiculous.  But to me, it’s my life. And through every one of these events, God was there, enjoying each and every moment with me.  Even the tiniest thing.  And that makes it all to His glory.

I’m learning that He’s always good and holy, whether or not we recognize Him determines whether or not He makes an impact in our lives.

Peace and peanut butter.


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