What I learned at beauty school.

I learned a lot more than the normal beauty school would advertise….

I learned that sun screen is imperative for preventing wrinkles.
I learned the difference between a top coat and a base coat. There isn’t any.
I learned what desincrustation and iontophoresis are.
I learned how to teach my teachers makeup.
I learned when to apply cleansing cream.
I learned when to remove it.
I learned what toner does.
And I learned how to exfoliate.
I learned how to tweeze, remove, extract, and phoresis everything I legally can.
I learned what polarity was.
I learned that you shouldn’t talk about clients at all, especially if there’s even a slight chance of them still being in the room.
I learned to rip those hung paper rolls in a straight line.

But I also learned….
how to walk away when the conversation gets ugly.
And I learned how to stay even though it does.
I learned how to listen and comprehend what a person was saying while analyzing their motives and forming a response.
I learned to hush when I didn’t know what I was talking about and speak up when I did.
I learned that I actually have very pretty fingers and fingernails compared to a lot of girls.
I learned how to mourn with someone who is mourning.
I learned that even the most seemingly trustworthy people are capable of completely immoral things.
I learned that if you don’t encourage someone, they won’t continue. For the good, or the bad.
I learned how weep with God over His wayward children.
And I learned how to rejoice Hid prodigals.
I learned how to pray for someone unceasingly until they repented, or just unceasingly.
I learned how to communicate with people who are difficult to communicate with.
I learned how to brighten someone’s day with three words.
I learned how to take a rebuke.
I learned what it felt like to carry the Word of God in your heart and proclaim it on your lips.
And then I learned what it felt like when someone rejected it.

I learned that no matter what, I am an artist, to create. I am a woman, to be submissive. And I am an esthetician, to soon be licensed.
I learned above all else, that Jesus loves every single one of us, heart and soul, body and breath. Always and forever.


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