Just because of a little bug.

I was in the bathroom and just happened to glance over at the bathtub.  I noticed a tiny little bug attempting to crawl up the inner wall of the shower.  This bug was tiny, how I even saw him was kinda cool.  He would get about a half an inch up the wall and then he’d fall down.  For his size he was going a huge distance each time, but compared to the vastness of the shower and the height of the ceiling above him, he wasn’t anywhere close to conquering the wall.  He did this probably 20 times before I got bored and walked away.

I began to wonder about all the effort that little bug was making. And that regardless of how huge his task was, he never stopped attempting to get higher.  Think of God as the wall. You and I as bugs.  No matter how much effort we put into knowing God, our efforts fall short.  But regardless of our minuscule tries and trips, God is worth knowing. So in conclusion, in the showers of life, don’t stop climbing because your other option sends you down the drain. :)


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