A domino effect.

I’ve plateaued.  The dominos lost track of where they were headed. They just keep falling. I’m at a point where I seemed to have stopped growing with Jesus. I haven’t left, nor has He, but prayers are hindered, voices are dialed down, and there’s no point of reference.  I feel tired, weary, and left with no purpose but a future one.  Could it be that it is my goal at the moment, to prepare for the next stage? Or could it be that there is still work to be done in this season? God is not a God of wasted time. I’ve seen that firsthand.  I must find a current purpose.  Be it giving candy corn to one of my little first graders at church or helping a co-worker open her locker.  There must be reason for those tiny acts in our Heavenly crowns. Whether or not they amount to much, they must have a place, mustn’t they?  Even ants have a reason to be. So must we.

But maybe our goal is to look towards a future goal, that being of our salvation.  Seek ye first, the bible says.  Only after that will these things make sense and be given to you.  You can’t get to the end of the stack without knocking over the ones in your path, can you?

Once we fear the Lord, we can begin to know Him. Knowledge of Him leads to wisdom for life. Wisdom for life teaches us how to recognize our purpose in the very same. Our purpose is to glorify Him. And one only glorifies something that they have deemed worthy of fearing. Circle.

Begin the dominos.



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