Just a new wife.

Oh man! So many older people are so wise. Imagine that.

Time DOES fly.
The house DOES get messy.
Married people DO argue.
Wives DON’T always wear makeup.
You DO just know.

No one told me how exhausting and tired I’d be. No one told me I’d loose track of time and burn the toast.
No one told me that one day I wouldn’t have to dream of my wedding day anymore.  No one told me you may not have enough in the budget for more eggs this month. And no one told me how much fun this is.

The days linger, but the months fly.  We aren’t eating steak and lobster, but we haven’t had a bad meal yet.  We laugh ALL THE TIME.  We cry sometimes. We pray and love. We encourage and teach each other something new every day.  We dance and romance each other.  We get angry and frustrated. We act as one.

I do my hair, because Zac likes it. Zac likes my hair, because I do it. I wash clothes, because Zac works hard in them. Zac works hard in them, because he knows I’ll wash them. I love talking to friends, because Zac encourages my relationships. Zac encourages my relationships, because he knows that I love talking to my friends. I read books, because Zac likes to discuss them with me. Zac likes to discuss books with me, because I read them. I make dinner, because Zac’s a man. Zac is a man, therefore he must have dinner.

It’s all cause and effect and I. LOVE. IT.

This is like life. But with your favorite person in the world. With your best friend. 24/7. It’s unspeakable.
Nothing else has ever brought me as much joy as seeing his dirty self walk through our back door. Nothing else has ever made me as happy as that big hug that smells like dirt and grim and work.

Nothing can compare.

God’s grace.
THAT can compare.

“They seldom reflect on the days of their life, because God keeps them occupied with gladness of heart.” Ecc. 5:20


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