Just clarity.

Man, do you ever feel like the spirit is just burning inside of you? John says when he had a vision of the throne room in Revelation where, “at once [he] was in spirit.” I’d imagine that he had a similar experience to what we’ll feel when we ascend into heaven.

Can you imagine!? The idea of freeing the spirit inside of me so that it no longer has the limitations that it does, makes me so excited! To be able to fully dwell on God’s glory and praise Him all day without distractions. I’m beginning to understand why Paul said “to die is gain.”

I long for the day of redemption, when we all see Jesus face to face! I long for the lost souls here to see His glory on earth so they may see His glory in heaven and rejoice. My heart burns for Jesus and His people. My heart breaks for the sorrow we endure without realizing God’s manifestation of His very heart within us. I want to hug someone and scream and cry and dance!

My soul is all yours Lord of creation.




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