Who is God?

If you’re visiting from Coffee with Christ, welcome to my blog! Here’s the list you’re looking for. :)

While challenged by a book and a friend to find out what it is exactly I believe, I realized that I couldn’t even define the God who I claimed I worshipped well enough. At least not fully. Maybe I never will, but that’s what I endeavor to do!

Pray for me as I seek after my Love, Jesus.

Here is my list of the attributes of God I pulled out of Psalms 1-23:
(Feel free to read along and see where I found them)

1. He is a watchman. He sees everything.
2. He is the Messiah, the anointed One, Consecrated.
3. He is enthroned.
4. He has the ability to become angry and take out His wrath.
5. He is a Father, meaning He has sons.
6. He owns everything.
7. He is powerful, able to affect things on earth.
8. He is refuge for the righteous, bringing safety.
9. He is a shield.
10. He has the ability to give glory, honor, and praise.
11. He lifts faces.
12. He is able to be questioned and willing to answer.
13. He is Holy, set apart.
14. He sustains, holds together.
15. He delivers.
16. He is able to bless and curse.
17. He is righteous.
18. He is merciful.
19. He can hear us when we pray.
20. He sets apart the godly for Himself.
21. He is light.
22. He gives joy and is Joy Himself.
23. He is king over all.
24. He is unable to dwell with the wicked, the arrogant, and the prideful.
25. He hates sin.
26. He can destroy.
27. He has a dwelling place, a house.
28. He is a judge and has perfect justice.
29. He is a protector.
30. He is a healer.
31. His owns time.
32. He has unfailing love for His people.
33. He saves!
34. He is higher than everything.
35. He knows minds and hearts.
36. He can secure anything He chooses.
37. He is Lord of all.
38. He is majestic.
39. He is worthy of everyone’s praise, from birth to death.
40. He creates.
41. He made everything.
42. He is eternal, forever, and always present.
43. He governs.
44. He is a stronghold in trouble.
45. He never forsakes those who seek Him.
46. He is close to the afflicted and broken-hearted.
47. He is savior.
48. He is a lawgiver.
49. He helps.
50. He defends.

(Phew, half way there! And this is just a my puny list. Praise God for being so much bigger than my imagination!)

51. He observes and oversees.
52. He punishes the wicked.
53. His words are flawless.
54. He lives in Heaven.
55. He is ever-present.
56. He restores.
57. He is to be feared.
58. He makes every good thing.
59. He is a counselor.
60. He instructs hearts through the Holy Spirit.
61. He assigns tasks.
62. He is steady.
63. He is firm and unwavering, like a rock.
64. He is a fortress.
65. He supports.
66. He rescues.
67. He has the ability to delight.
68. He gives rewards.
69. He is ever faithful.
70. He is blameless, without sin.
71. He is pure and chaste.
72. He is shrewd.
73. He conquers darkness.
74. He conquered the grave.
75. He is perfection.
76. He can arm us with strength.
77. He enables and disables.
78. He makes things happen.
79. He is alive!
80. He is exalted above.
81. He avenges of entire people groups.
82. He subdues entire people groups.
83. He has unfailing kindness.
84. He is glory.
85. He is love.
86. He speaks through His creation.
87. He is our Bridegroom.
88. He revives souls.
89. He is trustworthy.
90. He is right.
91. He is radiant.
92. He is redeemer.
93. He is victorious.
94. He fulfills desires.
95. He is the giver of life and maker of the womb.
96. He is God with us.
97. He is able to be sought after.
98. He is shepherd.
99. He is a guide.
100. He restores.
101. He is comfort.
102. He will eventually have the ability to dwell with us forever.

Now, out of this extensive list out of a such a tiny portion of His written word, you be the judge: just who is God exactly?

I beseech you, find out for yourself.

Because in the face of adversity, if you don’t know beyond a shadow of a doubt what it is you believe, you will eventually falter and, maybe even doubt your own beliefs.

Love always,

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