Just picture it.

Picture it.
A billowing cloud coming from high in the sky. Higher than a mind can fathom. The cloud is alive with light and sound. The fog and smoke move from place to place as if they had limbs and the lightening seems to spell names as it flashes through the air. The crackling thunder speaks to hearts. Fear overtakes those on the earth, nothing can stop the rolling, moving, whirling vortex! The expanse reaches its place and seems to break. Light rays stream from somewhere in the depths of it, brighter than the eye can capture.

Wild creatures encircle light rays of purple, blue, and crimson. The creatures move quickly and the human mind can’t connect the synaps fast enough to comprehend their movement. They seem to have many faces, changing, turning, shaped like powerful creatures. A bird, an ox, a lion, and finally, one appearing like the crown of creation: man himself. They seem to see everything, they must be covered in eyes! Even the human heart and lungs feels their burning gaze. Nothing is hidden. All is exposed. A heart beat drums in the ears of those present, with each pulse, they hear the words none can describe. Complete perfection lumes on sound waves and the only word they know comes to mind, “Holy, Holy, Holy.” Set apart. Different. Perfectly unique.

The colorful light begins to brighten all the more, wind comes and goes in tangents of wrath, nothing is safe. A wild gush of breathe sweeps the earth. The air seems to lift from the lungs of those watching. No one moves.

A glowing structure, like a lake afire with ice begins to ripple into the sky, stretching over the land. The rippling seems to correspond with the wings of the wild creatures, like the sound of a roaring waterfall.

And then, a voice rumbles. Like that of the clearest crystal and the deep roar. A golden glow appears and every eye becomes fixated on it. A figure appears on the throne. Bright, loud, shining brighter than the sun, and mightier then a deadly tsunami. Fire shown from his head to his toes and hot metal adorned on his body like armor.

He appeared like rainbow on a cloudy day. Completely the opposite of the drab sphere of earth, shining in radiance as the Creator of it all.

-Ezekiel 1, Revelation 4, Isaiah 6.

What is to be said when you stand in a sight like these? What is to be done when this presence lives on the inside of the very reasons the world is dead? What is to be returned when this glorious Alpha and Omega, Mighty Counselor, God With Us, Adonai, El Shaddai …loves us despite our failure upon failure, our lust upon lust, and our very fingerprints of death?


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