DIY: mikayla’s preparation shower!

Hey all!
So, I have the honor of being a Matron of Honor to my bfffff…(or bsssss, best sister, something, something, something…) in just a few days! Therefore, I threw her Preparation Shower (as I called it) to literally prepare her for her the man of her dreams.
Since it is Christmastime, she was totally up for a Christmas themed shower. So a’Pinteresting I went! :)
With my mom, sister and nana, we came up with quite an adorable and easy shower!
Just wanted to share some pics:

Hot Chocolate Bar!-Peppermint Sticks – Pirouline Cookies – Marshmellow Stirrers – Every kind of Cocoa we own – Creamers – Whip Cream – and my personal favorite, Chai Tea! It was quite yummy!

 Veggie tray! 10 veggies for every piece of junk food thank you. :)

Yummy Cake balls! If you’re interested in the recipe, I can get it from my Mom. It’s like 3 ingredients and they taste like truffles!

And of course, no party is complete without chocolate dipped strawberries!

The dip station! So many choices. My Mom has the recipes for these too. :)

All of that was really fun…and tasty! But what I really loved giving Mikayla was the support and encouragement she needed to get through the last few weeks of engagement. She’s done such an awesome job on planning and not freaking out like some brides do. She can’t wait to marry her man!
We each went around and gave Mikayla advice and marriage. Which is pretty typical and it was great for us to all share. But one thing that I wish people would do more at often bridal showers is ask the bride if she has any questions about marriage or men or sex or chores or children. And that’s exactly what we did! She was able to ask open hearted questions and we were able to give her heartfelt, experienced answers. 
I love being her Matron of Honor and can’t wait for the wedding Friday!
I love you Mikayla!
P.S. If you have an questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to comment! God bless!


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