Just traveling.

I love traveling. I would love nothing more than to be a nomad. No rent, no  utilities, no insurance. No mundane routine or daily grind. I would love to experience new things everyday and live unpredictable day with adventure and insight.

This week I traveled to northern California to be the makeup artist for my cousin’s Twlight Zone play. On the way there, my grandparents and I took one tiny little plane from Wyoming to Colorado and then a big plane from Colorado to California. It was a really windy day and it was the first time I’ve ever sweated on an airplane. I thought maybe the first little one would be the worst, but that was before we got on the 320 Airbus!  And, let me tell you, I’ve never needed my stomach to catch up so much on a plane!

Now, you have to know, I’m not a baby when it comes to this kind of thing. Like at all. I actually like turbulence most of the time. I get a high from roller coasters and dangerous things. If I wasn’t so madly in love with my husband and life, I’d probably be a stunt double. I love that falling feeling on rides like Supreme Scream and Tower of Terror. I was all game for skydiving on my 18th birthday until I saw the prices!

There’s no doubt that my adventurous spirit was designed by God to be used for His glory somehow. And maybe this is the only reason, who knows? But I learned something from a good friend a long time ago. She said that whenever she’s afraid on a plane she always pictures the airbus being held right in God’s hand, and the turbulence is just Him playing with it. Like a little boy with a toy plane.

As soon as I remembered that story, I felt so much closer to my Creator. I had one of those really personal connections with Him. A connection that couldn’t have been duplicated by anything other than my complete lack of control in the situation.

I wonder if sometimes it takes some real fear to engage our minds into recognizing God’s provision of life and comfort for us.  For confidence and comfort can’t really exist without the knowledge that there’s something to be afraid of, right?

And isn’t that what love feels like? You put it all out on the line and fall, trusting full well that someone will be there to catch you. And isn’t that what faith is like? You have to decide to leap not knowing what will meet you.

Isn’t it beautiful that we serve a God that has unconditional, open hands ready to catch us?

Therefore, adventure, here we come!



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