Just a new apartment.

I’m going to tell you a story. This tale I tell has no purpose of boasting. But rather I wish to speak to the reader about the gracious gift of the divine manifestation of God’s pen on our story. I want you to see how intricately God weaves us into His glory dispersed.

In this story I’ll start with a desire. That desire lead us to a simple task: to ask a question. Therefore, my husband and I formed the simple inquiry to our intricate God’s open ears.
This was the end of our effort on the matter. Here is a story of Providence Himself taking the reins in something so tangible as our everyday lives.

It was an everyday afternoon as my husband and I sat on the couch digesting the day’s happenings. We munched on chicken salad graciously provided by the Lord and laughed with each other. Through our banter, we landed upon the topic of an acquaintance of ours moving of her much-coveted apartment. But no, we resolved to push the thought out of our minds. God had provided us with a great home, in His perfect timing right before our wedding, for a beyond reasonable price in case the rocky road of employment hit us.  We were content and, although we had to make our way through a few rough days and frustrating issues, we were happy at that little shack.

Fortunately, the topic of the apartment wasn’t rested in our minds. I decorated the 
high-ceiling foyer, hung pictures on the walls, and wove my art studio through the fabric of my mind daily. Mind you, at this point we had only seen the front room. It’s spiral staircase winding through my dreams.  I decided to send a message to the young lady who would be moving out soon, to see if we could just come and see it. Good idea, right? When we set up the appointment on February 28th, we attempted to concrete our minds so that we wouldn’t be disappointed if we never lived at 208 Bent Street, but to no avail.
Instead of concreted minds, our hearts descended to mush as we ascended the stairs and came into a large great room with brand new gray carpet and a burgundy accent wall. She directed us to the kitchen, clad with bright yellow laminate countertops and a hotel sized washer and dryer.
She mentioned sunbathing on the roof access out the kitchen window. She walked us to the guest bedroom and the master bedroom with attached bathroom. As she pointed out the front window to the view of Powell’s very own mod-styled community center used for art shows and swap meets, our desire for that place grew.
We left and thanked her for making the time for us. We proceeded to walk home on air. Thought of all the things we could accomplish through the apartment came scrolling through our minds and into our conversation. I could have my art studio. Zac could have his office. We could have guests over and overnight! We could provide the local college students with a place to hang out. We could host our small group. The possibilities were endless. We prayed that very night and asked God to provide a way for us to either move into the apartment or remain content with the home He had provided.
That weekend Zac went on a camping trip and I called and set up an appointment with Allen, the landlord of the new apartment for the follow Monday, March 5th. We met with him, told him our situation, and, because of the previous owner’s great recommendation, he seemed content to give it to us if and whenever we were ready. He had put no ad in the paper, no word of mouth except what the previous owner had spoken as far as we know. All in all, we became fond of him very fast. He was attentive and personable. Just the kind of landlord anyone would want.
The next day Zac crunched the numbers. I thank God often for Zac’s gift of foresight and mathematical skills. It was possible, but it was crazy. You see, we signed a year lease on our first house six months ago. Herein lay our dilemma. After a few days of individual prayer and heart checking, we decided to call our landlord and ask about finding someone to fill the rest of our lease. Zac called him and reassured him that we didn’t want to ditch him if we couldn’t find anyone. Our usually tight-waded landlord responded eagerly and agreed to a swap!
I quickly made up a flyer and made those cute little calling cards for people to tear off if they were interested. On March 8th, we put them up at the community college down the street. It was the day before Spring Break, so we figured we wouldn’t be getting a call for a week or so.
About thirty minutes later, a nice young man named Nick called, very interested. Nick was flying back home to Nevada the next day and wanted to see it before he left so he could possibly move his stuff up for his job transfer at the end of the month. We were at coffee with some friends and so we booked it home and I hid the laundry and straightened up the bathroom. He came by, dressed in a neatly pressed dress shirt, wranglers, and a cowboy hat (which ironically, isn’t as prevalent in Wyoming as you’d think) and was “more than interested” in our home.  We got a call from our landlord the next day telling us that they had met and he was calling Nick’s references. The timing of an eternal God never fails.
From the day we prayed to the time we had a secure renter willing to take over our lease until August (and longer) was less than 72 hours! God answers prayers so quickly sometimes.

After squaring away the paperwork with Allen (the new landlord) we unloaded the anxiously loaded up boxes in the Jeep and officially moved in on Tuesday, March 12th.

Ever since Tuesday, God has continued to show Himself to us in the most incredible, yet simple and tangible ways.

I will always remember the first night we slept in our new bedroom. All I could think about what the simple sentence, “God is real.” Of course I’ve always known that in my head, but at that moment and since that moment, I know it in my heart. Not only is He there, but He actually cares and intervenes in our daily lives.
Through this, I’ve learned that miracles don’t always mean that the impossible has been accomplished, it just means that they were accomplished out of my control.
God granted us our request and we have seen so many blessings even in the first few weeks.

So, come by, fly in, and stay awhile. There’s room for you now!

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