Just clouds.

Everyday this week, I’ve taken a walk. Unless you do this, you have no idea how refreshing it is! The weather has been beautiful and I’m starting to fall in love with this town. I know, right? Me, the little California girl, who never thought she’d find a husband if she left and thought that her moving to Wyoming would surely end in apocalyptic level disaster.

Let me tell you, never ever say you’ll never do something. Because God has a sense of humor and will push you in just the right way until it becomes your only (and usually best) choice.

I’m learning that walking really gives one time to ponder. Tuesday, I was so busy pondering that I didn’t realize what grace had been painted above me until a good ten minutes of my walk had passed. I found myself gasping at the sight of the richest, bluest, most beautiful cloud-filled sky that I had ever seen. It reached as far as my eyes could go and seemed to wrap around the bottom of the earth below.

You see, I truly believe to the depths of my heart that God made clouds for me. Not to say that if I didn’t live, there wouldn’t be clouds. But I believe that I was in His mind when He did. There is nothing that takes my breath away and causes me to worship more than a sky full of puffy white cotton balls. I love them in the sunset, the sunrise, and the middle of the day. And I especially love them with a round moon revealing their edges. Nothing else has ever silenced my soul more.

As I was worshipping God for the beauty He created, I found myself feeling sad. It took me aback because it was such a glorious and humbling moment. I asked for discernment to know why I was feeling that way and a simple idea formed in my mind.

I will be sad to leave Wyoming.


You see, in my arrogance, I hadn’t let the fullness of this land effect me like it should until this moment. I finally grasped that God will be “with me wherever I go.” -Joshua 1:9 And in my arrogance, I had created a wall that blocked my soul from understanding God’s provisions and blessings. Even if I thought I was doing pretty good before, with each new facet of God’s grace and knowledge unfolding in my hands, I realize that nothing before could compare to what He’s doing in the present moment. I feel neither ashamed, nor guilty for any time spent in ignorance or denial, because I know that God reveals what He wants to reveal when He does. And not only that, but He knows when it’s best.

I ask you, what is holding you back from God’s presence? Heaven forbid we build up any walls that separate us from a God who died to tear them down.

Peace be with you,


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