Just compelled.

There is this 1,000 pound bolder laying square on my chest and I’m beginning to lose oxygen to the brain. Have you ever felt a burden so heavy that your heart pounded and your fingers trembled as if your muscles and tendons knew it’s truth far before your brain could transmit the message to your ears?

ἀγγαρεύω (pronounced ang-ar-yew-o) is where we get our word compelled. It’s a term that refers to these ancient Persian messengers that could be named the first Pony Express. According to a translated section of a transcript called The Histories “There is nothing in the world which travels faster than the Persian couriers. The whole idea is a Persian invention, and works like this: riders are stationed along the road, equal in number to the number of days the journey takes – a man and a horse for each day. Nothing stops these couriers from covering their allotted stage in the quickest possible time – neither snow, rain, heat, nor darkness. The first, at the end of his stage, passes the dispatch to the second, the second to the third, and so on along the line, as in the Greek torch-race which is held in honour of Hephaestus.’

Read more: http://www.historyworld.net/wrldhis/PlainTextHistories.asp?historyid=347#ixzz1r8OnSZl2

So what does this have to do with being compelled? Well, the way I see it is this: these Persian couriers probably had little idea of what the message they were passing along regarded. They could only see their part of it, one day to hold onto it and then pass it along for the greater purpose of the original recipient. Imagine being one of them, yoyou go to work, you memorize the message, you pass it to the next guy and then what, you wait around for the next word. They played such an important roll, yet they saw only apart of it. Their determination to do their job, led to the success of the kingdom. Or might I dare say, the success of the kingdom depended on them getting their messages through to the next courier.

What if we’re called to such an honor? What if all we can see is the message we have at the moment? Then we simply pass it along to the next courier and trust that we did our jobs well.

I feel compelled to something. And I asked God what He would have me do if I was completely unhindered. Do you know what He did? He laid an opportunity in my hand and compelled me to pass the word on.

I want to teach, and I’ve been given an opportunity to teach at a ladies retreat. It sounds crazy I know. I was sure there was an age limit on world change. Oh well, guess I’ll break the walls down and trust in the Lord to glorify Himself.


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