Introducing! Make Me Up: tutorials.

Hey readers!

I’ve recently decided to add a new faucet to my blog! For those of you that know me know that I attended the European School of Makeup in 2009 and graduated with a Certificate in Makeup Artistry. While I’ve been doing makeup on and off for friends and family, I haven’t been practicing nearly enough to keep my skills up to date.

Here’s where my blog comes in! I’m going to begin working on some basic (and not so basic) makeup tutorials, including the overly advertised smokey eye and many more!

Feel free to write me for suggestions or looks you’d like to see. And stay tuned for more!


Here are some of my past makeup adventures. Enjoy! (All images subject to copyright.)



2 thoughts on “Introducing! Make Me Up: tutorials.

    • Haha, thanks Audrey! In school, we were told to make a portfolio that covered as many areas of makeup as possible. I suppose eccentric is one of those! That jeweled one was a lot of fun, my poor model had so much glue on her though! Thanks for the comment! :)

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