Make Me Up: basic makeup tutorial

Hey readers!
Today, I’m going to run you through a basic makeup application. This is what I do on most days that
I do my makeup, unless I’m feeling adventurous.  We all know our faces, so there’s also customizing
to do, but there are basic application steps that work for everyone. I encourage you, be creative and
try different things before you settle on just one look. Makeup was meant to enhance your natural
beauty and can work well with the diversity of your style and life path at the moment.
You’ll notice most of my products are Mary Kay. That’s because I’m a consultant and get products
at a reduced rate. Any products of your own will work with this tutorial today.

Primers are key. They smooth out the surface of the skin and will aid in long-lasting and
smooth application.

For a foundation primer: Apply with fingertip starting at the nose and lightly spread in soft
strokes. Minimal stroking is better, because most primers will begin to roll if handled too much.

For an eye primer: Apply to upper and lower eyelid evenly.

A concealer is a coverage tool, but you’ll notice that it also works as a primer for under your
eyes. Creating a wet surface for the foundation to attach itself to.
Apply approximately this much on fingertip and dab under eye and on blemishes.  Make
sure you never pull the skin around the eye because it will cause wrinkles and sagging
skin over time.
Pat until blended. 
Foundations come in all different kinds. Cream, creme-to-powder, loose
powder, pressed powder, and liquid are the basic kinds of foundations.
It takes time and practice to decide which is best for you.
For foundation, always apply per instructions on bottle. A smooth and light layer is always best for
any look. Never go too thick.

Powder is always important to set any foundation, except loose powder of course. Use the lid
of the powder to swirl, tap, and buff, just like Bare Minerals states. You want to lightly coat with
this as well.

 Blushes are tough. Depending on your skin tone and time of year, your best blush color can
change frequently.  For lighter, yellow skin tones like me, peaches work best. Using the angle
brush, apply from the center of your eye up and out towards your ear.

Eyebrows are most crucial and probably the least remembered. Most women struggle with what to do
 with their eyes. But what I’ve noticed is that most women don’t know that the framing of your eye has
a lot to do with what eye shadow looks like.

When shaping your eyebrows, use your tweezers to make a line at the angle you want. I’ll refer
to the side opposite your nose, the left side, and the side closest to your nose, the right side. 

The left side should match the angle in your eye and stop right above the center of your
pupil when looking straight ahead (above)

The right side should angle towards the very edge of the nose


To tweeze from the top or bottom? Mostly from the bottom, because you want a bigger canvas to work
with. If the top hairs bother you, feel free nix them too. Waxing is always quicker for that process.

We all have different eyebrows and different preferences. Just keep in mind how you want to frame
your artwork.

If you color in your eyebrows, use an angled brush (shown to the right) and apply the thinest area first
 (the left side in the pictures above) at the angle your hair grows, then come back and apply the thicker
right side.

There are many different kinds of eye shadows. Pressed, loose, liquid, cream, roll-on. What’s a
girl to do? Remember this, for most basic eyeshadow applications you need a cream base, and
three powders. One lightest, one medium, and one darkest. This leaves it pretty open to
interpretation, but also gives you a guide of what to look for at the store.

Remember, pigment = density of color.

(As you can see, the blue shadow in the picture is very pigmented.)

(shown in the picture) I’ll be using the white shadow, the lightest bronze in the Ulta kit,
and the darkest red brown in the black compact today.

And I’ll be using this Maybelline Shadow stylist as a highlighter.
Begin with an eye primer (or concealer) and apply the white shadow using your eyeshadow brush. 
Using the highlighting pen, put highlights right under your brow and right on your lid. Remember that
light brings out, dark pushes back. You’re creating an illusion here.
Next, apply the golden/bronze color in the crease. Start with more concentration of pigment in the left
corner of the eye and blend towards nose (without picking up your brush, to avoid flicking pigment into 
the corner of your nose.)
Blend up and outward. (Blending is your friend.)
Place darkest color in the right corner and push color towards center
(without picking up your brush again.)
Using a blending brush, blend up and out. (A blending brush has
flimsier bristles than an eyebrow brush so that you can move more
pigment around.
Blend until satisfied with shade.
Repeat on opposite side. (It’s best if you do them both at the same time.)
Now for eyeliner. I use Mary Kay’s wet liner and I love it. Before I used
Kryolan’s cake liner, which I also loved. Here is the basic application for
a slightly winged eye liner. A good tip to remember: Eyeliner should be
the same color as your mascara, as eyeliner is meant to increase the
look of your lashes.
It’s all an illusion, my friend.
Make the most thin, most close to your lash line as possible. It’s way
easier to go thicker than it is to erase and go thinner. You can see in
the picture below that I even touch my lashes with the pen just to
make sure I was close enough.
Next make a mark straight up from the very edge of your lashes.
Note: if you want your wing farther out, make your mark there.
But always connect the bottom of your mark to the very end of
your eyelid.
Now drawing down (very lightly to avoid pulling the eye lid and
causing a bumpy looking line) from the mark you just made, match
up with the thin line. Make as even a line as possible. There’s always
the option to do a smudged line if you mess up too bad.
Now for mascara. We all know how to apply it. But here’s a tip.
If you want fullness, apply like the above picture.
If you want definition and length, apply like the above picture.
I usually use an odd mix of both because I’m so torn.
Comb out the lashes using a lash comb. I once knew a girl who sat
every day and separated each lash from the next with a needle.
But who has that time?
Slap on some lip gloss and you’re good to go!
All finished!

If you have any questions or are more curious about application techniques, feel free to leave a comment or message me at
I hope you enjoyed today’s Make Me Up!

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