Feed Me: meal plan {april 30th – may 9th, 2012}

Here we go. I’m going to go as far as to input each meal into our iCal, so Zac knows what’s going on in the future weeks. Laundry beeps at me in the background and Adele tries her best to block it out for me…

Being a wife is fun!

I only do dinners because lunches and breakfasts are usually just filled with ramen or peanut butter and honey. I’m going to use various recipes and include the links when appropriate.

Meatless Monday, April 30th.
Black Bean Salad

Timeless Tuesday, May 1st
Crockpot Chili – This consists of throwing all the beans and some tomatoes I have on hand in with a chub of random meat, because Tuesdays are busy.

Workout Wednesday, May 2nd

Berry Berry Chicken – use frozen berries.
Thankful Thursday, May 3rd
Cheesy Rotini – Because I have leftover Velveeta that I don’t know what to do with…
Free Friday, May 4th
Leftovers! We’ll have plenty.
Meatless Monday, May 5th
Black Bean Enchiladas – Easy peasy. Wrap black beans, green chilis, and any other mexican food in a tortilla and roll up in casserole pan. Drizzle green sauce and cheese if desired.
Timeless Tuesday, May 6th
Ramen with veggies. A Timeless and less time favorite. Good for watching a movie from the library. :)
Workout Wednesday, May 7th
Grilled Chicken, Wil Rice, and Brussel Sprouts (already have all these.) No recipe needed. I just cook it all stovetop in olive oil.
Thankful Thursday, May 8th
Free Friday, May 9th
Leftovers once again!
Next is the grocery list for the recipes (not including my list of staples). I leave the veggies out because I don’t know what I get in the Bountiful Baskets until I pick it up.
1 Cornstarch
2 cans of Pasta Sauce (Alfredo and Marinara, I sometimes make them, but the jars are way easier.)
1 container Ricotta Cheese
1 medium bag Mozzarella Cheese
1 small bag Grated Parmesan

To Wal-Mart I go!


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