Make Me Up: smokey eye.

(in the picture, steps go from top left down, then from top right down. Then the big picture is the finished product.)

step 1. after applying basic foundation, eyebrows, and cheek color (see my basic tutorial here) cover eyelid with lightest tone.

step 2. place medium tone into crease using a firm eyeshadow brush and forming a ‘C’ that begins mid-crease and ends at the far end of bottom lid. Wait to blend until step 5.

step 3. place dark-medium tone in a smaller ‘C’ in the same manner, same brush.

step 4. place darkest pigment in very corner of where the crease ends.

step 5. blend up and out with a blending brush.

step 6. apply black shadow as eyeliner (top and bottom) and blend outward.

The main difference between a smokey eye and normal eyeshadow application is that a smokey eye is messy and dark.

This application can be done with any color set, but I’d warn you against anything too bright. Stick to your blacks, browns, purples and maroons.

Remember, it takes practice! If you have any questions feel free to ask. Thanks for visiting!



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