Preggers: second trimester ultrasound pics + gender reveal!

It’s a boy! We can’t wait to meet our little son, Caleb Marshall Gale Higgins.
He’s already just like his Daddy. He likes to wrestle, he kicks back with his hands up, and he has a large head! (Hurray for Mom hips, I guess…)

Here’s a collage of pictures from the gender reveal. Begin from left to right. If you can, zoom in and check out the expressions on each person’s face. Almost everyone thought it was a girl! (Hence the pink and red attire.)

 Now, enjoy some pictures of Caleb’s room!

I got some 60’s ads and door signs from my Grandma!
They’re what she used for my Dad and aunt.
Dad’s excited!
And Blain is too! He’ll have a little cousin to grow up with.

20 week ultrasound. The doctor couldn’t get a profile shot in the ultrasound, so we got demon baby instead (top picture.) He made up for it with an I Love You hand in the second picture though. I love this boy already!
We pray that God is blessing you!
He sure is over here. :)

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