I wonder.

Our car is squeaking as we piddle down the back country road. There is nothing in my limited knowledge that I can pull from to even fathom what could be wrong with it. I could change the oil, but that’s where my knowledge stops. And that’s definitely not an oil problem. Something is wrong eternally that no normal maintenance could remedy. Sometimes I think our car runs on faith and prayer.

But then again, maybe it actually does.

Do I really have that much faith in the car manufacturer and the mechanic to will my car to run? Do I really put that much courage into men and their often faulty construction?

If only I could trust God the way I trust Infiniti.

Yes, I believe that the sun will rise every morning. I believe that I’ll be able to draw my next breathe. I believe that if I eat food, it will nourish the correct parts of my body and provide me with energy. But do I seriously think those things will happen all by themselves, without some touch of divinity or sanctification from a greater being?

I wonder what in my life would change if I gave credit where credit was due and realized that my car running, my brain waking, and my heart pumping could actually be the divine intervention of a jealous and fierce God who decided to make those things be.

I wonder how my gratitude would affect my actions, and how my actions would affect people, and how those people would affect the world.

I wonder if I actually noticed the signs of life before something goes amiss in them. If I prayed for the last drop of gas to go sparingly when my tank was still full. If I acknowledged God’s sovereignty even when men seem to hold the world in their palms.

I wonder what would change . . .



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