DIY: cupboard pan rack.

Welcome to Just a Sparrow!

This DIY project has been in the brainstorming process for a few months now and, thanks to my super-skilled brother (hire him!) we finally made it a reality! Using wood from our local Habitat ReStore, some Q bolts, S bolts, and some drill bits, we made a super easy, in the cupboard pan rack. (My pan cupboard was a disgrace before.) Here’s a short tutorial showing how he did it!

   Before & After

You’ll need the measurements from an old shelf that fits in your cupboard to make sure the rack fits. Using 1×2’s, we cut 3 the width and 2 the depth of my cupboard.
Next, we drilled small screw sized holes in the shorter pieces, evenly spaced.

And then in the ends of each of the longer pieces. This was done to avoid splitting the wood.

Big brother did most of the work, while we just shivered and watched.

Then, using the predrilled holes, he simply screwed them all together!
Easy, right!?

Time to pre-drill holes and twist in the Q bolts!

We stole the S hooks from Mom’s store bought rack. Sam says they spell “sa sa sa sa sa sa.”
Smart kid. :)
It fit! Finally some organization.

Thanks for reading!
Do you have any DIY ideas you’d be proud share? Any future ideas for us to try? I would love to hear your feedback!

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