DIY: Avengers Nursery Pop Art

Hello readers!

I’m so excited to share this post with you. It’s taken me a few months to get the last of them done. Introducing [insert baby’s name here]’s Avenger Pop Art!

I saw a pin awhile ago that was a mix of superhero pop art in a nursery, but since we are Marvel fans, we stuck to our favorite Avengers.

Now, before you go all crazy and say you could never do this, know that I didn’t just free hand all of these out of nowhere. ;I searched my trusty old Google and found the images I wanted. I then transferred them into Photoshop and simplified the images into easy-to-transfer shapes. Much like a color-by-number. See below for exactly how!

This shows the Spiderman image in Photoshop after I simplified it down to five or six colors and simple shapes. ;Then I used the graph lines to distinguish each square.
Using a ruler and a pencil, I copied the graph down onto my canvas. (Okay, it’s primed cardboard from my vacuum box, but whatever. I’m calling it a canvas anyways.)
It’s important that you make exact measurements between the computer and the canvas, so use a ruler! (example: 2 inch squares in the file, 2 inch squares on the canvas)
Then I looked at each square as a separate picture and copied the shapes to create the whole picture.
I marked some of the bigger shapes with letters corresponding to their numbers. (Because I learned that lesson when Wolverine ended up without a nose…)
I like red, so I painted the red in first. And it was the most prominent color. This was also easier than painting around the black webbing, verses painting the black on top. (ah! Naked Spiderman!)
I added the finishing touches and recoated the areas that needed it and . . . Tada!
This graphing can be used in any case where you want to transfer a computer file to a physical canvas or board. Our little man should enjoy these for quite awhile, even after his nursery becomes his bedroom.
Remember, you don’t have to be an “artist” to create! God designed you in a specific way with specific gifts and talents. Now close the computer and go use them!
Your friendly neighborhood artist,
Have you tried something like this before? How did it work out? I’d love to share with you! ;If you have questions, please feel free to contact me in the comment box below or my Facebook page!

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