Adventure time: Seattle in black and white.

Enjoy some pictures from our recent road trip to Washington State!
To begin, here’s my man navigating the streets of downtown Seattle. I was so proud!
 We stayed at my Aunt’s Worldmark timeshare. The hotel was called the Camlin and, at the time of construction, stood as a monument to seat’s development, a mark which equals anything to be found anywhere on the Pacific Coast.” It was beautiful to say the least.
 Our room was the dark window three floors from the top on the far left side. If that makes sense. . . and you care. :)
The original door handles were framed next to each room, below.

The area around Pike Place Market was really fun and texture-y!

 . . . and had darn good shellfish.
Below, you’ll meet Herman, our traveling buddy. He nicely tells the driver if he’s too crazy by falling over.
 The Fremont Troll.
 Light speed to Endor!
. . .not really. But the Space Needle did remind us of Disneyland!
We ended our trip with the Space Needle. The view was beautiful and breath-taking, the food, to die for!
We couldn’t have gone on vacation without the generosity of numerous family members. Thank you for all of your gifts and surprises! We had a fantastic baby moon/honeymoon/birthday/anniversary trip!
Love you all!
Stay tuned for the next picture post featuring the colors of Seattle! :)
-Sparrow<3 and Zac, too.

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