Feed me: french sausage & onion soup.

French onion soup is one of our favorite meals. Especially because it’s really simple and very filling! It’s the perfect comfort food for a rain or snow day! Here’s my recipe, adapted after a few tries.

Serving size: 4
Prep time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 1 hour


two large sweet onions, chopped
a tablespoon of grapeseed or olive oil (we prefer grapeseed because doesn’t come out as oily.)
minced garlic
splash of red wine
two cans of beef broth (ha, toucans…)
one pound of sausage (we’ve done it with or without the sausage. Sometimes we just want some extra protein.)

french bread
mozzarella cheese
chopped tomato
torn spinach

Begin by chopping up the onions (as fast as you can so you don’t cry!) and tossing them in a large skillet with the oil and garlic. Cook until soft and caramelized, which, if done right is supposed to take 25-35 minutes. This releases even more of their gooey sweetness. Keep the burner on medium so you don’t burn them. Slow and steady wins the prize!

After the onions are throughly browned and smelling fantastic, add in the splash of red wine and cook until absorbed (about 2 minutes). Next pour in the beef broth and simmer for 10-15 minutes. The soup will thicken up slightly and will make your whole house smell like onions.

While you’re simmering the onion soup, cook up the sausage with some additional red wine and garlic and flip the broiler on low. Mix sausage into soup and continue to simmer.

When you’re satisfied with the taste and thickness, bowl the soup and slice enough pieces of french bread for each bowl. Place on top and add spinach, tomatoes, and cheese. Place bowls on a cookie sheet in the broiler until golden brown.

This always comes out so yummy no matter what twists I add to it. I hope you enjoy it too!

Any questions? Comments? What’s your favorite comfort food?

Snowed in,

Comment here.

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