Stretch Marks.

“Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous – how well I know it.” Psalm 139:14

There are stains on my belly that mark my pregnancy. Try as I might with creams and oils, it’s in my genes. I knew it would soon become inevitable regardless of what I did to prevent them. The red marks remind me of my humanity, my imperfection, and my lack of control over the things of this life.

I think back to other times in my life where I have experienced stretch marks. I think of leaving the only church I’d ever known; I think of my sister moving out of state, leaving me to tread my teen years without her shadow; I think of the judgement and anonymous hate mail I got when my love and I decided to get engaged so young. I think of all the times I’ve stretched, bent, been pulled at and ripped from the things I relied on. I know well where the earthly, fleshly dependency on such things and such people places you. I understand what it means to be molded, shaped, fired, cracked, and remelted. I’ve been there many times.

Yet, I never see the next mark coming.

What glorious vision God has in all things! I know when my son arrives, all the marks of this pregnancy will be unabashedly washed clean by his precious face. I know as I count his fingers and toes, I’ll forget each past month with it’s difficulties. I know as I hear him cry, see him smile, and stroke his hair, instead of just feeling his kicks, I’ll finally regard it, in it’s entirety, as a sacred moment to be cherished.

For God has made both me and my son in such a marvelous way. He made us for each other, much like he made me for my husband. And He made us to endure the flaws we’d itch away at. Every time I see these marks on my body, I’ll remember that this flesh is not eternal, that they are symptoms of, arguably, the greatest blessing in life, and that, as my dear husband insists, has earned me the title of white tigress.

Be encouraged. God uses some of the ugliest things to bring about the most beauty. Through the seemingly insignificant, He makes most significance.


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