Debtless Living: News!

Hey all!

I have fantastic news. Just utterly and adoringly fantastic news! My husband and I came into marriage with a (comparatively) small student loan. I say comparatively because if you make a lot of money, it’s very small, but when you’re making what we’re making, it seems like the highest peak of the Tetons. We knew getting into this that we’d be paying it off for a few years, if not more, and my dear husband has worked hard to make as much extra as he can to put towards it. We even went as far as to ask for cash for our wedding in lieu of presents to get a jumpstart on it.

Well, it’s Christmastime, just one year after we married, and, with the help of some well placed dominos and our God-sent angel-faced family members, WE ARE DEBT FREE!

After having just a year of debt, we feel so, so lightened. I can’t imagine the feeling of debtless living after decades of financial entrapment. There is something so resolutely and absolutely beautiful about not being “slave to the lender” like the wise Proverb says.  As (very) soon-to-be parents, financial stability and wisdom is a crucially important part of be an example and training him to be the little world changer that God is knitting him into.

In honor of our new life with no debt, I’m going to be adding another weekly post series to Just a Sparrow, entitled Debtless Living, where we’ll give you tips and resources on how to stay frugal, remain on budget, and deal with the emotional struggles and blessings that come along with financial life. We are in no way claiming to be experts, but merely experienced in the process and excited to share our own personal adventure from debt-full to debt-free!

Our prayer for you, reader, is that you’d be encouraged, enlightened, and empowered to become (or remain) free of the enslavement of debt that our culture accepts, not only without questioning, but with stubby and sticky fingers.

So stay tuned every weekend for our posts on debtless living! And be sure to subscribe via email or follow us on Facebook here to keep up on new posts.

We pray you have a blessed weekend and Merry Christmas!



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