Thank God it’s Monday: sensation.

I’m so excited to welcome my dear husband to his very first blog post with Just a Sparrow! His words encourage me constantly, and I pray they do for you as well. – Sparrow<3

Picture 407

I am thankful for senses.

We take them for granted, but without them, we would have no way of interacting with our world. What is life? What is living? Could you live without sight? Yes, people do it everyday. Without hearing? Of course. Without touch? That would be a problem, but you might get by.

What if all of your senses were taken away? Where would you be then?

Would you be anywhere?

Would it even matter?

Our Father God made a wonderful world, and gave us means to interface with it that is both practically functional and emotionally pleasing.

Because of your senses, you can . . .
Pick up a pen to write a memo.
Share a photo on your phone.
Swing a hammer to build a house.
Put a loving hand on a shoulder to comfort.

I am thankful for my senses every time I hear a great song, bite into a pomegranate seed, or fill my lungs with cold December air. For it reminds me that I am alive and causes me to reflect on why that might be so.

See you around.


What are you thankful for this beautiful Monday?


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