Feed me: fall for oatmeal.

Good morning!

One of my husband’s favorite meals for breakfast is oatmeal. Oatmeal? Really? How boring could that be? It’s like oats. and it’s mushy. And it reminds me of camp.

Okay, honey, I’ll make you oatmeal…again.

I’m reminded of the Proverbs 31 wife and all of her verbs: her words that move. She seeks, she works, she brings, she rises, she provides, she considers, she plants, she dresses, she perceives, and she makes.

She makes the best darn oatmeal that she can.

So, that’s what I did! And boy, did the hubby love it. And I actually liked it as well! Living in Wyoming, we don’t get every type of fruit all year (which has been an adjustment for this So Cal lady) but we do get gloriously tasty (and giant) pomegranates in the fall. We’ve been eating them with pretty much everything, so why not oatmeal? Here’s our favorite oatmeal recipe so far:

You’ll need:

1 can of mandarin oranges (with juice)
1-2 cups of milk (depending on your consistency preference)
2 cups of whole oats
sprinkle of cinnamon
drizzle of pure maple syrup
handful of pomegranate seeds (click here for the most genius way to peel pomegranates that I’ve seen!)

Warm up the juice from the mandarin oranges and milk in a saucepan. Add in whole oats and mix. When the oats begin to soften, add in cinnamon and maple syrup. Cook until oatmeal is your favorite consistency and remove from flame. Stir in pomegranate seeds and top with extra cinnamon. (The maple syrup can be left out if you’re worried about calories and sugar, because the mandarin orange juice is pretty sweet on it’s own, but it’s up to you) Enjoy!


This recipe passed the all important question (should I make this again?) So it looks like it will be a fall favorite from now on!

Thanks for stopping by!

-Sparrow<3 + Zac

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