Preggers: maternity photography.

Maternity Pics

It is a sad thing to move away from all of your photographer friends (I miss you all dearly, btw). Although, I never really liked the idea of maternity pictures, I still wanted a record of all the hard work I’ve put into this child, so I decided to take a few shots by myself with a tripod. And, hey, it turned out to be a great workout, as I have no remote for my camera. (Push button, run while it flashes, attempt to look decent, wait for blinking to stop, freeze, get up, check pictures, and repeat, and 1, 2, 3.) Still no sign of any sort of early labor, but we have two weeks to go until our due date still! We’re praying the little guy comes right on time, his time that is . . .

In the meantime, enjoy some cute pictures of my pregnancy and the product of my boredom. Special thanks to my brother (who happens to be a half-decent photographer too along with his plethora of other talents) for helping me out with the tricky shots.



maternity pics 3


Maternity pics 2


Uncle Sam is pretty excited for mini Zac to get here.

Uncle Sam is pretty stoked for his second nephew.All packed and ready for our son!

All packed and ready! Stay tuned for more baby updates. :)

Did you miss some of the belly growth progress? Check out the gallery of pictures here.

All our love,
-Sparrow<3 + baby

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