Christmas Pictures!

First let me say this: you know you’re an adult when Christmas is more fun to watch then participate in. We had so much fun watching the boys open their presents! The above picture needs some explanation: Sam made sure he specifically told Santa that he didn’t want school books, because that’s what he got last year. Santa didn’t get his letter apparently, but he did leave a pretty cool prize in the middle of one! Sam was so excited!

I even meant the older boys. :)

Aaaand, you know you’re a parent of a 1 year old when you give him presents and he just jumps around in the paper while you figure out how they work. The above picture speaks pretty well for itself…

My little Cub Scout!

I think by the end of the day Blain wanted outside… ^^

 It was a very Merry Christmas for sure! Thanks for breakfast Mom and Dad!

-Sparrow<3 + family

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