Debtless Living: giving.

One wonderful benefit of being debtless is our ability to give. This Christmas, we were able to put a little cash aside to give to our Compassion Child, Demesia, and we even got to fill each other’s stockings! We’ve never been big gift givers or receivers (in part because we didn’t have the budget room) but this year we both had some great ideas for each other and God blessed us with a little extra.

Instead of dreading next month’s budget, we now look forward to it because any extra can be spent on giving! To each other and to others.

We’re learning to “make our money work for us” instead of the other way around and God has blessed us tremendously. Dave Ramsey has been one HUGE help in encouraging and educating us in how to live and stay debt-free. You can listen to the Dave Ramsey Channel on the iHeart Radio app for Apple and Android and online. It’s never too late to start, so follow the links below to learn more!

7 day free trial for the entire Total Money Makeover:

Financial Peace University class locater:

Some great articles on Marriage and Money:

(Link to buy his book on Amazon!)

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