Motherhood & Stuff: a happy new baby!

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to quickly update you all!

No. 1: In April of 2012, our son waltzed his way into existence. Sunday, December 30th at 7:37pm in a dimly lit and comfy hospital room, with a Pandora spa channel playing, he made his move from my tummy to my arms! I am currently cuddling a 6 lbs, 11oz miniature man that is the spitting image of his father.

No. 2: We’ve (finally!) decided on a name for our son! Fletcher Theophilus Higgins. I will be writing and sharing all about the birthing adventure, why we chose his name, and all the joys (and adjustments!) of a newborn very soon.

No. 3: From the bottom of our hearts, Fletcher’s dad and I would like to thank everyone who prayed for our labor & delivery! We felt your prayers so warmly and beautifully throughout the entire process (more on that later…) and we couldn’t be more grateful!

Thanks to those who follow and read our posts and updates. You guys are such a blessing and so much fun to interact with!

Be blessed and stay tuned. :)

-Sparrow<;;3, Zac, & Fletch-a-Sketch

Here are some insta-pics if you missed them!







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