Married: choosing to love as they should be.

“Treat a man as he is and he will remain as he is. Treat a man as he can and should be, and he will become as he can and should be.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Like I’ve said before, there is a choice that must be made in regards to choosing who we will marry. That choice is a decision made between you and The Lord to love a specific man or woman no matter what. No one decides whether or not to marry their spouse at the altar, but this choice happens months and sometimes years before they say ‘I do.’

This decision is not just a fickle or romantic one, if either of those things at all, but rather a logical, matter-of-fact conviction that takes place within one’s own heart and relationship with God. It’s a big decision.

It was that moment you realized that she was worth the bad habit. It was that moment you chose to love him through that sin. It was that moment you repented together and cultivated oneness in His Spirit. Whether it was before, during, or after engagement, on your first date or during your first kiss, at some point your heart and mind made a choice.

We as spouses are called to LOVE. Period, above all, because love covers a multitude of sins. It also covers failures, heartaches, and annoying habits, you name it. Love makes things new.

If we constantly look at each other’s sins and point out each other’s failures, all we’re doing is allowing those past sins to control our present situations.

The quote above reminds me of the grace of God in creating us in His image. Through this grace, we understand that our present livelihood is not rooted in sin and death, but our eternal glory. This is skin that we wear and nothing more. God sees us as His completed perfections and yet we treat one another like we’re less than par.

We must learn to see through eternity’s eyes and treat one another as we were designed and are destined to be.

A man who is treated like a rock will act like one. A woman who is treated like a whore will act like one. A husband who is treated like a failure will undoubtedly function like one. A wife who is treated like a trophy will definitely act like one.

You see? Correct eternal perception of each other is so very vital to successful relationships. When we see and treat each other the way God designed us to be seen and treated, we desire more and more to act in those ways.

A man who is treated like the hero longs to play the part. A woman who is treated as a flower acts delicately. And a husband and a wife who mutually respect and admire one another for all that they truly can be are undoubtedly the most joyous.

Let’s practice loving people as they should be, instead of as they are. We all have our bad days and we all have sin, but through God’s grace and the sending of His son to wash them away, we have eternity at Jesus’ feet. Let’s run to Him and soak Him in and let’s learn to love.



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