Sam’s Lego Birthday Party.


In today’s post, I wanted to share my littlest brother’s Lego birthday party. It’s no secret to us that our family can’t simply “get together” to celebrate something. No, there’s always decor, a theme, and of course food. The ladies in my family know how to put on a party! Always have. And after two well run and executed weddings, a hundred birthdays, a few baby showers, and many other events, we’ve become a pretty well greased wheel. Mom and Mimi plan the food, Nana and me decorate. We all work really well together and have a lot of fun doing it!

All that to say, we like to party and we hoped you’re inspired!

The lego “heads” are yellow white chocolate dipped marshmellows. Credit to Kelsey’s Kakes for the awesome lego cake and cupcakes! Since it was a mid-afternoon party, my mom just served snacks for the kiddos, complete with color coordinated candies and triple decker lego shaped cheese sandwiches! It was Sam’s idea to wrapped giant candy bars to look like legos to give away as party favors. Juice boxes were also made to look like legos blocks using colored construction paper.

Thanks for stopping by!

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