Motherhood & Stuff: the call of a homemaker.

Isn’t this the truth though! You’d think my routine in the mornings belonged in one of those irritating musicals where nothing really ever gets accomplished (except the fact that it’s mildly entertaining).  More than weekly, I wake up intending to cross most things off of my list, only to hit the sack 12 hours later, exhausted, with not one scribbled out task. Maybe if I started putting things like “take care of that stack of paper work that needs to be accessible, but can be thrown away in a week because you’re not planning on keeping it” or “go back and forth to the same rooms five times just because you can’t remember what you were doing first” or “spend some quality time staring at your son and pillow-talking with your husband” on my to-do list, I’d be able to cross some more things off. Or maybe I could just put “pee” and “eat food” on my list, except that sometimes those aren’t accomplished either. . .

Oh dear. Homemaking is what some would call one big endless chore, I suppose. Maybe it’s because it’s all new to me still that I don’t see it this way. Maybe it’s because homemaking lacks a lot of “urgent responsibilities” like other professions. For example, if you leave the dishes there overnight, they’ll still be waiting for you in the morning, as opposed to someone who works on deadlines and lives in constant stress. Or maybe it’s because if I sit on my butt all day because I have a nursing baby in a growth spurt, chores don’t get done, and that means that my priorities are in perfect order.

It’s really a wonderful task to be a wife and a mother. The deepest of my desires as a woman are fulfilled when my baby is sleeping or playing contently and my husband can’t contain his smile when he looks at me. I know that my goal in this life is to, firstly, please and be pleased by God, and secondly, to honor, uphold, support, build, feed, cherish, teach, invest in, and be present with my family.

And maybe that’s just it, that the temporary, trifle things don’t matter if your family is blessed by you and taken care of. It’s really the art of looking through the lenses of eternity. It’s seeing your husband’s stress and helping him take a weight off. It’s hearing your baby’s cries and singing or talking or feeding to calm him. It’s understanding your wife’s fears and needs and selflessly loving her despite. It’s the emotional, the spiritual, and the deeper connection that fuels our familial bonds.

So give up the chatter. Put down the smartphone. Let the dishes sit for the night.

Embrace your family.


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