Married: valentine’s day challenge {week 2}

As you know, I’ve decided to take the Valentine’s Day challenge from Courtney over at Women Living Well {follow this link to view my original post regarding the challenge}

Here was week 2’s challenge:

This week we will be a little more creative with our praise.” {via women living well}

Here are some ideas of what I did to creatively praise my husband this week!

no. 1: mirror love notes.

Supplies: dry erase marker!20130204-140133.jpg

I stuck a dry erase marker in our bathroom and wrote him a note at the beginning of the week. We’ve been going back and forth since. (This is my husband’s note to me! *swoon*) This little mirror is actually a toothbrush holder that spins, so it makes noise when you clear it or write on it. It’s become my favorite sound to hear in the morning when hubby’s getting ready for work and I can’t wait to get up in the morning and see what he wrote and write him back! :)

no. 2: a, b, c’s of why I love you and coupon book.

Supplies: small notepad, sharpies, and a grateful attitude!

He absolutely loved this book! He was so blessed and it made him feel very loved. It was really fun to come up with all the reasons and coupons. By the time I finished the book, I found myself falling in love with him all over again, butterflies and all! Sometimes, I think we just need to sit and ponder all that our husbands do and are for us to “feel” in love and romanced again.20130204-135834.jpg20130204-135850.jpg20130204-135912.jpg

20130204-135928.jpg20130204-135948.jpgThe coupons were really fun! I made 10 altogether, 5 lover and 5 best friend ones. Friendship is just as important to our marriage as sex is and we love to play together!

I’ll share my friendship coupons, because the lover ones are, well, obvious…

1. One free night of sleep. All (baby) changing’s on me. No excuses, no whining.
2. One date at McDonalds + 1 cone on me (out of my grocery money.)
3. One free viewing of Top Gear (or any TV show he likes) without complaint. Good for 1 (hour) episode, free of any negative comments from the peanut gallery.
4. One free baked good of your choice.
5. One free road trip (pictured above.)

no. 3: put my phone down.

Yes, I included this one again from last week. I need much, much more work! But hubby’s been helping remind me gently to remain present.

Week 3 hear I come!

Did you take the challenge? What things did you come up with? I’d love to hear!

Thanks for stopping by!

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5 thoughts on “Married: valentine’s day challenge {week 2}

  1. Wonderful ideas, Lilah. I’m going to definitely steal the mirror idea and I love what you say here, “Sometimes, I think we just need to sit and ponder all that our husbands do and are for us to “feel” in love and romanced again.” That’s so true and convicts me to the core. Thanks for linking up! I needed this post!

  2. Hey there again, Lilah. I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be providing a link to this post and mentioning your great ideas on my blog for Wedded Wednesday tomorrow. I hope you can join us again!

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