Thank God it’s Monday: love.

Lucky One VdayToday, I’m thankful for love. In marriage, in motherhood, in friendship. I’m thankful that because of love, healing can take place where brokenness once lived, fear can be replaced by courage, and darkness can be vanquished with light. I’m thankful for everlasting love that comes from God alone. And I’m thankful for passing love that flutters away like a new born sparrow. I’m thankful for love that battles centuries and I’m thankful for love that spares us only minutes. I’m thankful for the mature love of a new born and the easy love of an elderly.

I’m thankful for my husband, who has shown me love in ways I never knew. I’m thankful for my son who has shown me how to love. And I’m thankful for Jesus who is Love Himself.

What are you thankful for this beautiful monday morning?

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