Fletcher’s 4 month photos!

Every few months, I’ll be showing off how much my kiddo has grown. I can’t believe it! He’s brought so much joy to our home and loves to smile and talk. He sings himself to sleep at night. We swear he sees angels because he’s constantly laughing and talking, even when he can’t see us.

He can roll from front to back and he’s sooo close back to front. He’s really strong and likes to bounce on his feet on daddy’s knees and do sit-ups with mommy’s help. He’s had his first bowl of applesauce and he’s a total fan, with the exception of trying to ingest the spoon as well, he does really good.

He’s just all around awesome and we can’t imagine our lives without him! We thank God for him every night and read him a story from his Jesus Storybook Bible. He’s so captivated by each and every word. And so are we. :)

IMG_6946 2

IMG_6956 2IMG_6921 2IMG_6930 2IMG_6888 2IMG_6883 2Fletcher 4 months

IMG_6856 2IMG_6938 2

IMG_6835 2IMG_6839 2Thanks for stopping by all!

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