Motherhood: nothing in this world could make me love him less.

love me less

The longer that I am a parent, the more I am beginning to see that my son will teach me more than I could ever teach to him. I watch him play and see his simplicity wrapped up in intricacies. The ways that he loves, completely free of regret or remorse. Even down to the surprised and grateful smile that adorns his little cheeks when he realizes that God let him wake up again today. I am amazed daily by the joy he encompasses.

As he grows, I have seen my love for him implode inside of me and I have seen it tear me apart. And the more time I spend with him, getting to know him, the more I realize that


And here’s where I learn. God made me, even more intimately than a mother’s heart weaves her child for nine months. God strokes our canvases like a mother strokes her belly in anticipation. God stitches our lives like a mother stitches socks and nursery pieces. And because of that connection, and simply that connection, there is absolutely nothing in this whole wide world, as far as the heavens reach, as long at the light endures, as deep as the ocean dives, that could make Him love us less.

& this is how God loves us. But He does it perfectly. Imagine the love you have for your child, perfected. That’s how much God loves us. Imagine that welling up when you gaze in their eyes, completely hallowed through the eyes of Jesus. That’s how much God loves us. Imagine how great a love it must be with which He loves us. Imagine it, friend! & do not fear for our minds can not even fathom that love!

Imagine that love you have for your child, being torn from your heart for the sake of every sinner in the world. Imagine giving your child for the world. I can not quench the fire that the thought of willingly giving my son away stirs in me. I can not quench it.

But God did. He gave Him up. He gave him away, for me. For you. For us, sinners & wretches. BECAUSE HE LOVES US.

My challenge to you (and to me) is to embrace that love, enjoy that love, & live in the light of that love.

I am going to.

For great is your love, reaching to the heavens.” Psalm 57:10

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