Debtless Living: being broke vs. being on a budget.

So we live on a tight budget, much like one of my favorite blogger’s blog title, frugal by choice, cheap by necessity, we are just that. We chose to be on a budget, we chose to tell our money where we want it to go. But we are cheap because we have to be. Because if I splurge on a new outfit, we might not have enough food at the end of the month. Because if I am not careful with how much I spend at Costco, rent might not get paid. We are budgeted tightly on top of our limited income. We live and we love how we live. I love not having excess, not worrying about our stuff, and having plenty in savings for emergencies.

The other day someone asked me to coffee and I told them that I couldn’t because I was broke. Then I realize something that has shifted my view of money since. I am not broke, we have plenty of money in our checking account. I could buy a coffee if I wanted to, the money is there. But instead, because of our budget, I choose not to spend budgeted money on un-budgeted items. Being broke means that you spent your last dime on lunch. We choose not to spend our money on coffee now, because we already told that money to fund our emergency fund, or go in the grocery envelope, or being used on a rare date night out together.

No, we don’t buy impulsively. Yes, we have to wait a month or more to save up for items we want. No, we aren’t starving. Yes, we worry about making ends meet. But we are not broke.

Thanks to my wonderful man who is strict with me and manages our money so that we aren’t hanging dry in the future. He is a true steward and honestly manages the plenty that God gives us.

I could never be more thankful for the faithful providence of God and the faithful stewardship of my hubby.

We are currently living like no one else, so that later we can {say it with me!} live like no one else! Thanks Dave Ramsey.

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