Motherhood: the biggest lie of all.

There are many important tasks to accomplish in the kingdom of God. And because of this plethora of to-do’s, there exist several different perspectives and drives behind accomplishing them. There are whole churches designed around these missions. Jesus’ last command to His disciples, and to us, was the spread the good news:

“Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe everything I have commanded you.” {Matthew 28:19-20}

Some schools of thought focus on missions. Which is great! But if that push is not well thought through and presented, that can leave those left behind feeling disassociated from the body of Christ. It leaves people feeling like life is being lived out there, in the world, and us stuck at home are just waiting for our ship to come so we can “do something great for God.” I am guilty of this thought pattern, often, actually. There is also the school of thought where your mission field begins at home, with your family. In your, as my home church deems it, Okios or household. Those 8-15 people that God has strategically placed in your life. This school of thought believes that through this sphere of influence, God changes the world through us.

I grew up believing the former and now cling to the latter in every moment. The former, believing that you’re only changing the world if you’re in a foreign country preaching the gospel, nagged at my teenage heart for years. I felt as though I wasn’t as good as I could be because I hadn’t had a chance to “witness.” You can imagine my shock and slight disappointment when I found out that I was pregnant with our first son. Not that I didn’t want a baby, but I realized that I would have to wait quite a bit longer until I could go “change the world.”

My thinking was so skewed, until I realized the biggest lie that the enemy has been feeding the world for so long: that being a parent wasn’t the most important calling we can have. In fact, it was actually a nuisance and inconvenient and distracting.

We, as a majority, have given over our children to be raised by the government. We, as a majority, have allowed the sanctity of life to be distorted. We, as a majority, have labeled lesser people as inconvenient and not worth our time. We, as a majority, have allowed corrupt men and women, seeking only selfish fulfillment, into leading our country. And I believe that this is all due to lack of good, moral, righteous, full of grace, down to earth and on our faces parenting.

When we stop parenting and allow any other entity to have control over the fate of our children, we will all begin to lose sense of our mission as Christ followers.

We are to raise up the next generation to rely on God’s promises, read God’s words, and live accordingly. But instead, we push them aside for career advancement, social enjoyment, and education. Or, in some cases, the high we feel from sharing the good news with strangers. We trade worldly knowledge and our own selfish needs for the sacrificial and everlastingly rewarding privilege of introducing an entire new group of humans to Christ, for twenty years plus!

The attack on parenting and marriage is HUGE. We are fooled into believing that we are not as important, or too busy, or too lack in experience or education to properly raise children. We are fooled into thinking that it’s in our child’s best interest to be fed the world’s ideas of truth and tolerance and immorality, because we AREN’T GOOD ENOUGH TO TEACH THEM OTHERWISE.

It’s a lie. Proclaim it with me and teach your children the deadliness of sin and the undying grace of Christ that triumphs over all. So make disciples, mom and dad, and “teach . . . them to observe everything {He has} commanded you.”

If we stop training our soldiers, we will be outnumbered in battle.

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