Thank God it’s Monday: freedom {& a FREE printable!}

This past week has reminded us of our freedom. Most people will never understand the sacrifice so many people gave (& give) for the freedom we enjoy daily.

We will never understand the cost of the freedom we enjoy. Much like we will never understand the pain & sacrifice that Christ made for us on the cross. But it is our duty to be grateful for the freedom & the price paid to get it. Thousands of men & women still fight for that freedom today. Thank you!

Like the fact that I have the freedom to spend all day blogging various topics & you have the freedom to read them. In light of our technological lifestyles, here is a free printable to remind you to save your eyes!

Remember 20/20/20, look 20 feet away every 20 minutes for a total of 20 seconds, so your eyes can adjust & your sight can be saved! ;)


right click image below to download:

20 eye sign

i hope you enjoy! thanks for stopping by!

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