Friday Favorites: puj tub review.

We LOVE our Puj Tub. Founders Katie & Ben Richardson had it right when they came up with the idea! It’s a foam, pliable, magnetic tub that sits in the sink. The BEST feature is that it unfolds flat & magnetizes to the side of our washing machine, making it great for a small apartment like ours. It holds just enough water to cover baby’s back and legs, without being in danger of submerging their little faces. Fletcher loved it & just recently (at 6 months) did we stop using it for his bathtime (now he enjoys scooting around like a fish in the big boy bathtub). All in all, our Puj Tub was a great purchase & something I’d recommend to anyone with a new little. We liked white, but it also comes in Kiwi & Aqua (if you’re feeling adventurous).

You can find Puj Tub at for $49.99 (+s&h).

Thanks Katie & Ben, for your ingenuity & commitment to providing great products!

(P.S. I don’t get paid for this, I just like sharing awesome products.)

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