Feed Me: black bean burgers.


We have been shopping at Costco & only Costco for the last few months & we LOVE it. Their produce is to die for &, because of how we budget, we buy mainly veggies, fruits, & then chicken & black beans. (my mom supplies our bread & goodies with her bakery!)

All that to say, we’ve been experimenting with meatless meals. We tried black bean burgers tonight & we are hooked! They take less than 15 minutes to put together, so that’s a bonus. Here’s our recipe!



1 can of black beans, drained, rinsed & smushed.

1 cup of crumbled bread.

1 egg.

2 cloves of fresh garlic.

As much hot sauce as you’d like!

Oregano, rosemary, & salt to taste.

Mush it all together into patties (we did two, but you could definitely stretch it to four). Heat olive oil in a pan & grill until hot & crunchy on the outside. We put ours on whole wheat bread with a slice of tomato & Daddy’s fresh lettuce!

Can you say YUM?


Try it + let us know how it goes!

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