unloved: the life of Leah | part 2

This post is apart of my 31 days of writing challenge where I am zooming in on the life of Leah. How she was unloved & hated, but God saw her. How she was jealous & fearful, but God honored her. We can learn a lot from Leah, so won’t you join me? To stay updated, please follow my facebook page here. To read the biblical account of Leah’s life, see Genesis 29 & on.

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Yesterday, we left Leah at a fork in the road of her life. We left her completely rejected by the look of shock on her new husband’s face and his frustration at the whole situation. Little did Leah know, her husband would return to their new home, not on his knees or settled on the matter of their marriage, but with Leah’s sister, Rachel in his arms, betrothed. The bible says that Leah and Jacob finished out their wedding week together and then Jacob immediately married Rachel and brought her into his home.

The dynamic of their relationships must have been so tense.

Did Leah love Jacob? Was it Laban’s forced idea, or was Laban providing a good man for his “ugly” daughter? How did Leah take such pity? She must have dealt with self-hatred and depression to no end.

Did Rachel love Jacob? Was that love Jacob had for her reciprocated? Where was Rachel on Leah and Jacob’s wedding night? Was she forced into submission, or did she simply not care. There is no indication biblically that Rachel honored God or even loved Jacob in return. What did that do in the dynamic of the sisters?

Was Jacob gladly submissive to the idea of having two wives? Did he spite Leah and blame her for what happened, or did he understand her lack of choice in the matter? Did he pity Leah?

All of these questions are left unanswered as we read the story of this rocky marriage.

What we do know, is that Jacob still cared for Leah’s physical needs as a spouse. He fed her, provided for her, and kept a roof over her head. Though he rejected the very thing a woman needs, to be known and loved. He did not hate her, necessarily, but he did not love her well. I wonder how many of us feel this way at times, that we are not loved as well as we ought to be.

Both Leah and Rachel struggled with insecurity, position, fear, anger, frustration, and envy towards one another. What could have been a beautiful relationship between sisters, turned into a war over the rights of the household, the affection of a man, and the amount of children they could bare, sinfully or not. Today, we often disregard great relationships because of and for these reasons. We women can become so fretful of other’s opinions and angry over other’s possessions and positions that we loose sight of our identity in God’s eyes.

What is crucial to remember, is that this competitive dynamic went on to define the rest of Israel’s existence and led into generations upon generations of dispute and murmuring within their shared children. Leah and Rachel quickly became irrelevant in a larger story, leaving only a few snippets of their lives. Let our life snippets be those of the grace of God working and the spreading of God’s goodness, not the selfishness we demand or the insecurity with entertain.

For today’s lesson, we need to realize that our choices and lifestyles directly effect our children and the generations to follow. We must be wise to constantly seek God’s presence and allow the working of the Holy Spirit in our lives so that we not only make wise decisions, but we handle bad decisions made for us, against us, or by us in a righteous, God-honoring way.

Leah’s life was defined by her insecurity. Watch, everyday, for 31 days, as we get into her story and walk with her as her feet trod aside a God who saw her.

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