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This post is apart of my 31 days of writing challenge where I am zooming in on the life of Leah. How she was unloved & hated, but God saw her. How she was jealous & fearful, but God honored her. We can learn a lot from Leah, so won’t you join me? To stay updated, please follow my facebook page here. To read the biblical account of Leah’s life, see Genesis 29 & on.

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There is one thing I have to ask in regards to the life of Leah: why didn’t God change her situation because of His compassion for her? Leah lived and died in Jacob’s household, under his loveless direction, raised his sons through to adulthood, and bore the burdens that a wife does, even though she was constantly rejected and unloved by him. Does not a part of you want God to come into Leah’s life, shiny armor, white horse and rescue her from such a fate? But He, frustratingly, does not.

This begs the question, what kind of fatherly love is this? That He would see His baby girl suffer so, but not do anything to change her situation? Could it be that He is harsh to His people? Or that He lacks love for us? Or could it have been because God saw Leah’s life through the lens of eternity and therefore treated her to high eternal blessings because of her forsaken earthly ones?

You see, this world is temporary. This video from Francis Chan puts this in perspective for us. Enjoy:

My hope is that Leah, even for those few moments was able to acknowledge that God loved her so much that He wanted her with Him for all of eternity, no matter what she endured on earth.  After her tiny sliver of a life full of really difficult struggles, she found herself in the presence of Jesus and she was handed her trophy and no longer lives with shame or rejection, but with honor. I am sure that not one moment of the pain or lack of love she endured on earth has torn her eternal joy away.

We are eternal beings, created for oneness with Christ, let us not waste one moment living like anything less.

 Watch, everyday, for 31 days, as we get into the story of Leah and walk with her as her feet trod aside a God who saw her.

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