unloved: the life of Leah | her identity.

This post is apart of my 31 days of writing challenge where I am zooming in on the life of Leah. How she was unloved & hated, but God saw her. How she was jealous & fearful, but God honored her. We can learn a lot from Leah, so won’t you join me? To stay updated, please follow my facebook page here. To read the biblical account of Leah’s life, see Genesis 29 & on.

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Leah had weak eyes, the bible says. Many commentaries have suggested endless definitions of what this might mean. The original greek word for weak literally means, “tender, soft, delicate, weak” and eyes can be “physical eye or mental or spiritual qualities.” Whether this meant she was meek in spirit or psychically unattractive, no one is really sure. Either way, we see Leah live under this identity throughout most of her younger years. We see her live under the shadow of the more beautiful, more loved Rachel in her marriage. We see her participate in the insecure competition over who can produce more sons for Jacob. We even see her bargain for her husband’s attention for one night.

What we can draw from her actions is something deeper, something emotionally unstable was going on in Leah’s heart throughout the course of her entire life. Leah struggled with insecurity. Insecurity in a spiritual manner. Leah was insecure about her place in God’s eyes. Even though we see that God showed His love for her through opening her womb, we see her still long for the affection of her husband. Genesis tells us that “It is not good for man to be alone” and rightly so. Leah’s intentions in wanting love was not incorrect or sinful.

Where Leah goes wrong is in allowing her very identity and purpose to shift into the hands of her husband, not her Father God.

20131006-174311.jpgAt one point, when Leah births her fourth son, Judah, she proclaims, prophetically that with this son, “I will praise the Lord.” (Genesis 29:35) What we see here, is just a glimpse of a revelation in where Leah placed her identity. After this, with each son she bears, whether through her own womb or her maidservant, we see Leah’s joy increase. Saying things like, “How happy am I!” and “Good fortune has come!”. With her final son, we see her first give glory to God by saying, “God has endowed me with good endowment” though she still held onto hope in her husband by saying, “now my husband will honor me, because I have borne him six sons.” (Genesis 30:11,13, & 20) Leah’s sons went onto become vital in the people of Israel, as well as detrimental in many ways. Jesus Himself was from the line of Judah, bringing reason for each of us to simply praise God as Leah did.

We search for our identity is so many things, as if there is something to mold. When in reality, God has already molded and fired our identity, as His and as redeemed and as perfectly designed to bring Him glory. Our identities aren’t something we go out and create for ourselves, but they are something that we were created to fill and embrace as children of the Living God. We are to become more like Jesus in our specific, individual design. We can fight, bargain, and worry all we want over who we are, but when it comes down to it, God has already decided who we are. And guess what? He sees us, loves us, and has plans for us that go far beyond anything we can imagine.

 Watch, everyday, for 31 days in the month of October, as we get into the story of Leah and walk with her as her feet trod aside a God who saw her.

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