unloved: the life of Leah | her hard marriage.

This post is apart of my 31 days of writing challenge where I am zooming in on the life of Leah. How she was unloved & hated, but God saw her. How she was jealous & fearful, but God honored her. We can learn a lot from Leah, so won’t you join me? To stay updated, please follow my facebook page here. To read the biblical account of Leah’s life, see Genesis 29 & on.

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A lot of men and women live in loveless marriages, where they are not cared for as they should be. It’s easy for me to say that those people should be able to leave, but the bible doesn’t say that. Abuse, yes. Unfaithfulness, yes. There are only these two grounds for divorce. Otherwise, according to God’s law and will for us, we are to remain in our marriages and continue to seek His glory through it.

I hurt for Leah as I think of the millions of times she was rejected by the man she loved. Her search for a godly marriage consumed her prayer life, permeated her mothering, and drove her actions in every facet of her livelihood.

Throughout the course of her marriage, she dealt with a hard-hearted, maybe even cruel husband, who didn’t respect her or give her the things a wife needs.

Maybe this is just my entitlement attitude speaking, but no one deserves such a fate!

Then I look at how she became married. She deceived.

Don’t we all, to some extent put on a face of deception to potential spouses prior to getting married. Couples wake up one day and wonder where the person went that they married. Where is that nice, sweet, romantic person I fell for?

Marriage is for God’s glory and to reveal to this dying world that God can love the unlovely, work in the ungodly, and change the unwilling. But often, the goal of marriage is lost in a sea of sorrow and disappointment.

Leah lost herself in that sea many times. But what I love, and what is so amazing about her story, is the grace that is weaved through it all. God saw her and loved her, yes, but what she changed in the world, what she left behind, was far greater than her dreams own to be loved. She aided in spreading the undying love of God to the world.

Think about it, if Leah had given up and walked away from her husband because of the injustice she felt, we would not have Jesus. Although God would have planned another way, He chose Leah, for this moment of her life, to step out in faith and persevere, for the sake of the whole world. We will all sacrifice for the sake of Christ and each other when we step out in faith.

Leah left behind her children, who would later build up God’s chosen people, who were to prepare the entire world for Jesus, who planned to save them all. All because of His great love for us!

Marriage is hard and a struggle. Just like Leah’s, our God-centered marriages work to reveal the goodness of God and the redeeming qualities of Jesus, who saves us. Difficulties aside, what is more important than that?

 Watch, everyday, for 31 days in the month of October, as we get into the story of Leah and walk with her as her feet trod aside a God who saw her.

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12 thoughts on “unloved: the life of Leah | her hard marriage.

  1. Dear Sparrow?
    I have been married for 28 years and about 20 of then, I was verbally and emotionally abused by my husband. He was “married” to his work. But all thanks and praise to our Pappa God for He not only healed my marriage, but we are so much in love again. I know that my husband didn’t know any better, because that was the way he was brought up. I am so grateful that I didn’t leave my husband who now loves me more than his own life after our Lord Jesus saved us both.
    Blessings XX

    • Oh Mia! Thank you so much for sharing your story. This confirms to me my belief that God can take any marriage, no matter how awful, and bring about the highest glory! What an incredible story you have. God sees you, just like He saw you then, and, Mia, He loves both you and your husband to pieces. I am SO very happy for you! What a blessing you are to me today. Thanks again for sharing!

  2. What an interesting perspective on the life of Leah! So often we focus on the stars of biblical stories and neglect the supporting characters. Thanks for sharing!

    • You are so welcome! I think it’s important to highlight the supporting characters sometimes, because we really are all supporting characters in the big story of God. & He sees us, too! Thanks for stopping by! God bless you.

  3. You know, I’ve never really spent a whole lot of time looking at or studying the life of Leah, Lilah. And she really does have a lot to teach us. You’ve brought up some really important points too, that persevering in the daily challenges we face in life and marriage yields some of God’s greatest blessings and purposes for us. I’ve been thinking about that truth a lot lately and it’s just so important! Thanks for reminding us of this truth and inspiring us to persevere in our faith and marriages, my friend.

    • Thank you so much, Beth! I really appreciate your comment. It’s so hard sometimes though, isn’t it!? To really live out God’s design for marriage, regardless of how difficult things are. Such a great thing to pray for help for in our lives! Blessings to you!

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